23472813_355212888217519_4137847293817600767_nWork published in The Honest Ulsterman

26th October 2018

‘Memory Box’


Work published in The Ekphrastic Review

22nd October 2018



Work published in Visual Verse

October 2018

‘Bottle of Stars’


Work published in Dodging the Rain

1st October 2018

‘Gold D.M.s’

‘Sands of Time’

‘A Language I understand’

‘The Botanist’

‘Storm and Ash’


Work Published by Dodging the Rain

September 2018

‘Lemons’ shortlisted for The Seamus Heaney Award For New Writing 2018 and also published in CAP Poetry in Motion Anthology


Work published in Cold Coffee Stand

August 2018

‘Lose the Light’


Work published in Allegro Poetry.

Issue 18- September 2018


‘The Box of Tools’


Work published in Your Daily Poem

8th September 2018



Work published in I am not a silent poet

7th June 2018



Work published in Eunoia Review

3rd August 2018


Work published with Lagan Online 

The Power of Words: Holocaust Memorial

‘Go Back to Zero’


Work published in The Blue Nib

(Issue 18/ 11th December 2017)


‘Holy Ground’


‘In Autumn’


Work published in The Blue Nib

(Issue 16/ 13th November 2017)

‘A course of pills’


Work published in FourXFour

(Issue 23/ Autumn 2017)

‘China Bones’

‘Digging for potatoes in Crawfordsburn’

‘Baptism at Stricklens’

‘The Beach under the Slieves’


Work published in Editfy


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